Day 4 May 11, 2018 Natchez, MS to Vicksburg, MS

70 in the morning but by afternoon it was 95.  Another hot and humid day.  It would be a long day – 91 miles with 4000 feet of climbing.  It took me 7 hours.  I was very tired when I reached the motel a little after 4.  Had to clean my bike, shower and then go to the map meeting followed by dinner.  By the time I got back to motel it was 7:30 and I had not done my stretching exercises or the blog.  I did some stretching exercises and worked on the blog, but was unable to finish it – too tired and we had 100 miles to do the next day.

First 15 miles were rolling hills with a couple of very rough roads.  When we turned onto the Natchez Trail I was immediately impressed by the smooth surface.  We rode 45 miles on the Natchez Trail and every mile was smooth as glass.  It was a biker’s dream to ride on this.  Also there were no stop signs, or gas stations, or restaurants.  So peaceful and beautiful.  Photos do not do justice to the amazing natural beauty that surrounded us while we rode.  At mile 61 we left this trail and returned to busy highways.  During the last 6  miles we did some serious climbing, in fast the last rode we climbed up on reminded me of Nob Hill in California.  The grade (steepness) of this road, Grove, was 12%.  I used my lowest gears and made it to the top (1.5 mile climb),  My heart was racing.  The motel was a very welcomed sight.  It was a beautiful scenery day.


Setting sun on the MIssissippi on May 10


Ride today began on a peaceful country road.


Emerald Mound in background



Natchez Trail – smoothest road I have ever ridden on. 45 miles without a stop sign too. Trees were beautiful. Photos don’t capture it.


Sand River on right of road.


Sand River on other side of bridge. River was flowing unlike others that were just stagnant.


Cynthia and Daun on Natchez Trail



If you look to right of me and down you can see the path the people walked on.


Big Bayou River


Loved this sign


We will be following these signs all the way to Minneapolis


Surprised at how many cows I saw.



Even saw a few short long horn cows.


Bridge crossing the Mississippi in Vicksburg, MS. Casino is right on the river.



2 thoughts on “Day 4 May 11, 2018 Natchez, MS to Vicksburg, MS

  1. I’ve never been to Mississippi. Your wonderful graphic pictures beckon to me to make this a definite stop on the bucket list. If you are on the Illinois side of the Mississippi, when you pass through Albany, IL. they have several Indian mounds about a mile off the trail. You go up the hill and turn to the right and you will see the signs for the Albany Mounds. Very peaceful in there, a lot of trees. Since you often take an alternate path, thought I would mention it. You look great and happy. So sorry that it is so hot and humid but at least you aren’t in 47 degree rainy weather like we have here today. Safe travels and Happy Mother’s Day. You are sure doing what you want to do on Mother’s Day.


  2. Great to read your blog. Sounds like a challenging and yet beautiful and rewarding day. Best of luck on your ride! We’re thinking of you! Best, Cindy


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