Day 6 May 13, 2018 Greenville, MS to Clarksdale, Ms

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms.  Hope your day has been special.  Heard from my two daughters before my ride which made my day.

When I exited the motel at 7 I immediately felt the heat (75) and high humidity.  I new it was going to be another hot one.   I am not complaining just wanted to let you know weather conditions.  It has been quite a change from training in 40 degree temps to biking in 90 plus degrees.  I wish I could send you some of the heat and sunshine.

Our route today can best be descibed as getting from A to B with as few turns and climbs as possible.  I prefer routes that make you think.  When there is little scenery other than fields sometimes with crops and others without makes the one 23 mile stretch seem to go on forever.  The steadily climbing temperature and lack of shade did not help either.

As the day wore on my legs began to suffer from muscle fatigue.  Drank a lot of water to help with this.  With 5 miles to go the bottoms of my feet were burning from the heat radiating from the road.  Michael, a leader stopped and filled up my water bottles with cold water.  It was all I needed to make it to the hotel.

Tomorrow shorter mileage – 63 miles with some climbing.  Time to say good night.  Thank you for all your comments.  They mean so much.


Load luggage in van and check bicycles at 7.


Creek we saw as we began our ride.


First of many fields that we would see today.


Creek flowing under bridge caught my eye.


Is it really is a white field?


Newly planted field


One of many cemeteries that we rode by today.


Pam, our head leader, rode 23 miles with me.  Still the miles passed slowly as we saw one field after another.



Storage of their farm crops.


Day of rest for the farm machinery.


Road we rode on for 23 miles.


Pecan grove


Another field…


Interesting field…


In memory of or in honor of the 248 names on my jersey.


Pink and white wildflower buttercups (?) that lined the road.


We turned right onto Bobs-Rena Lara Rd and the scenery became interesting. Miles quickly went by. Grateful since temperature was saying 102 on my odometer.


All I could think about was jumping into the lake to cool off.


Looking back I saw Paul and Pam.


Field that they are burning – you can see the smoke in the back.


Shade!!!!! Even though only for a few minutes.



Creek that people fished in.


Van stopped to give me fresh COLD water. While Michael was filling water bottles I notice this on back dusty window.


Just finished 84 miles.



3 thoughts on “Day 6 May 13, 2018 Greenville, MS to Clarksdale, Ms

  1. I don’t think people realize all of the heat that is generated from the road. 102degrees and high humidity would have put most people away….in the lake. ha ha. But, you had that great smile at the end of an 84 mile ride. Kudos to you! The creek that people fish in didn’t look like it would have supplied any fish as the creek itself was so shallow. I guess nature adapts to its conditions. Hope you have some more challenging scenery tomorrow so the miles roll faster. Keep hydrated and keep smilin’.


  2. Go, Patty, go! You are one tough cookie. Just reading your posts makes me sweat. Thank you for sharing your ride. I LOVE all the attention you bring to the Cancer fighting community. Love you. Be safe out there!


  3. Wahoo! Keep it up! If you can make it through a day like this, you have it made in the shade!! Thinking and talking about your today at knitting. Dropped off the basket for Jo today. We put your name on the card since we know you are thinking of her and Marsh.


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