Day 7 May 14, 2018 Clarksdale, MS to Senatobia, MS

Had a great 63 mile ride.  I must be getting used to the heat and humidity.  Even though it was already warm – 80-  at 8:00 It was comfortable to be riding.  Even though there were many fields, the ride was not boring – fields were broken by trees or homes.  We also rode on some beautiful back roads.  Reached as high as 105 on my odometer –  that is a lot of heat radiating from the asphalt – feet got hot again.  It seemed like the humidity was lower.  Water stops were frequent.  The van seemed to be waiting with ice water when I was just about empty.  Drank 6 bottles.  Leg muscles were much better today, due to a great night’s sleep.

Rode the entire ride with Cynthia, friend I had meet on 2014 ride.  Leaving motel in Clarksdale we missed our first turn, but with only a .4 mile difference we were back on route.  Because of this we did not see any of the other riders all day.  Taking pictures does slow me down, but again this is not a race and I am  enjoying ever mile.

Was introduced to Kudzu, an ivy plant that grows a foot a day.  Very difficult to contain.  Can smother any vegetation that it covers.  There were rolling hills the last twenty miles leading into Sneatobia, MS and 6 miles of chipseal road.  As I was riding up I noticed a home with flowers bordering her drive way and walks and I thought how beautiful it looked.  When I was in front of home I discovered that the flowers were artificial.  No time to take a picture.

Passed a road sign that said “If you Litter SHAME ON Y’ALL!   After that the parkway was covered in litter.  It was almost as if the sign made people litter.

Forgot to mention Clarksdale is the home to blues music.  As we left town in front of the civic center there was a silhouette of Elvis with the caption underneath “The King was here”.  No photo too busy concentrating on turns.

Time to say good night.  65 miles tomorrow followed by a much needed rest day.  Total miles since I arrived in New Orleans is 549.  Love the comments -sorry I cannot answer them.  Miss you


Once out of Clarksdale we were on this road. Loved the trees




Beautiful field


Storage for crops


Drivers of farm equipment always gave us the road.


The deep crack in front of field should be flowing with water


Irrigation system for Kettie


House we passed on this beautiful tree lined road – a fixer upper.


 River behind the trees caught my attention.


Another home on the same road.


Any suggestions? I am checking.


Loved the precision of the rows.


Vacant store where we had our SAG stop.


Water for irrigation




Not sure about this but maybe rice?


Another rice field?


Train engine of long train that passed us.


Riding next to a very long train. Nice to hear the clicking clack of the train until it came to a halt. They had to move the track to go over this single track bridge. Felt sorry for the people waiting to get to other side.


Kudzu – looks beautiful but grows a foot a day.  Hard to contain.  



Kudzu climbing and smothering trees. The Kudzu forms like a carpet.




The fight to find a cure for cancer is everywhere. We will beat it!


White pines. At end of ride a logging truck passed us loaded down with cut trees. Loved the smell.


You can see the Kudzu on the right of creek


Bethesda Cemetery in Senatobia began in 1848


At the end of 63 miles


4 thoughts on “Day 7 May 14, 2018 Clarksdale, MS to Senatobia, MS

  1. I hope Kudzu stays in Mississippi. Never heard of it and don’t want to be acquainted with it with an aggressive growth rate of a foot a day. Could the other crop be tobacco? Showed my mom the last day of the blog. Thought it was very neat with all of the greenery and the fields. Hope you get a good rest in Memphis. Maybe you can go see Graceland, but you will probably be catching up on housekeeping and rest. This trip seems more arduous than previous trips due to the high humidity and the heat. Be careful, but I know you know what to do. Our prayers are with you as always for more fun times and happy memories to be created. Stay safe.


  2. A belated happy Mother’s Day to you, Pat. Your bike travels inspired me to request a nice point and shoot camera for my retirement gift from school. They bought me an Olympus and gave it to me at the party last Friday. I hope I can live up to your great photos of even the most mundane scenes. I’m glad to know you’re safe.


  3. Great pictures each day. It is weird how Chicago is not far from the Mississippi River Valley, yet you have been in sun and heat the first 7 days, while we are cold and drowning in rain here every day. Stay safe.


  4. Hi!
    I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures. They’re great. Seeing the temperature that you were feeling, 105, I couldn’t even imagine. You’re amazing. You’re doing so well in taking care of yourself. Keep that up. Be careful and know all your angels are looking out for you. Enjoy your day off. Love you so!!


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